Our house has a cov­ered patio that runs close to the entire width of the house. Since our Kansas house had a busted deck, the whole notion of patio fur­ni­ture is…weird.

What I even­tu­ally found, after some intense Craigslist­ing, were these:

Spun fiber­glass chairs! I would really like to know a few things about these, because Google is giv­ing me nada. How are they made? Why are they so abun­dant in South Florida? Why don’t they have a catch­ier name?

OK, the chairs actu­ally looked really scary when we bought them, plus they came with a com­pletely ran­dom (and ugly) wicker table that we later freecy­cled but had to cart home any­way. We sat in them once and they were full of fiber­glass ickiness—you know, that itchy feel­ing that insu­la­tion gives you? I shud­der just think­ing about it. The table base we found at a junk shop shortly after the chairs. Six cans of spray paint later, they are a lot like these beauts from Pieces:

(Except, you know, a lit­tle cheaper).

Here’s a bunch around a table in Pieces owner Lee Kleinhelter’s for­mer home:

Sally Bartz of Halsea has some too (check out her Design*Sponge house tour here):

Late last year it was big trash day and I was out of town. Ryan texted me while walk­ing the dog, “OMG there are more of our chairs on the street. Take them?” (He may or may not have used the “OMG” but I def­i­nitely did when I responded.) Those chairs have yet to be sub­jected to a spray paint makeover and are cur­rently look­ing like the shabby stepsisters.

Get­ting cush­ions made has finally moved up on my pri­or­i­ties list (now that the weather has turned to rain for­est and I’ve dis­cov­ered a giant snake in our back­yard), which leads me to a conun­drum. I thought I’d have cush­ions made in a solid Sun­brella, either in yel­low or lime green, and have white pip­ing added.

That is, until I ran by Cal­ico Cor­ners last week and found a ton of Trina Turk out­door fab­ric. This trel­lis print, in par­tic­u­lar, is talk­ing to me:

So…print or solid? Help!