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Day Six: Westward, Valley Ho!

Note: We have been set­tled in LA for about a week now. Blame inter­mit­tent inter­net access and a loco hous­ing search for the time in between posts. Here’s the thrilling con­clu­sion of our trip. The Hotel Val­ley Ho was our home for our night in Scotts­dale. I love any old hotel that’s been revamped, but […]

Day Five: Marfa, New Mexico, Arizona

This day was long. We left the Lofts. Theresa rec­om­mended a stop at Bread & Break­fast for cof­fee, where I stared long­ingly at giant cin­na­mon rolls and home­made donuts. For once on our jour­ney I exer­cised a bit of restraint (at one meal, but it’s some­thing, right?) Our lit­tle diver­sion off of I-10 looked like this: View […]

Day Four: Texas is Big, Car Trouble is Scary

I know, I know, everything’s big­ger in Texas. But when you are dri­ving across it, you are like, “Texas? You are fuck­ing ridicu­lous.” The phone sit­u­a­tion took a turn for the worse when Ryan’s stopped work­ing entirely. So on our way through San Anto­nio we made a pit stop at the Apple store. I don’t […]

Day Three: the Smelly Hotel

It’s amaz­ing, isn’t it, to think about how rad­i­cally dif­fer­ent road trips are with the addi­tion of a GPS unit and a iPhone? With help from Yelp, the Chowhound boards, and occa­sion­ally Road Food, it’s hard to find any­thing but an awe­some meal. I would have been a ter­ri­ble pio­neer. This has become the trip […]

Day Two: Finally Out of Florida!

If you have not had the plea­sure of dri­ving across I-10, or just flee­ing Florida, let me break the news to you that it takes an eter­nity to get out of Florida. Fri­day morn­ing (still in Florida), we ate some seri­ously amaz­ing quiche at Craig’s Killer Cof­fee, a semi-random cof­fee shop inside a video store. […]