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On Dads…and Moms

We’re halfway through the Fort­night of Many House­guests, and my visit with my dad (who left yes­ter­day) is fresh in my mind. We have always been close, but it’s rare that we get a lot of one-on-one time. I knew I’d enjoy hav­ing him here for a few days, I just didn’t real­ize how much. Having […]

The Next Cupcake

You heard it here first: it’s peanut brit­tle. Or but­ter crunch. Pie? There were at least four pie ven­dors. Maybe cot­ton candy—we tried jalapeño. We spent a good chunk of the day (and our stom­achs’ real estate) at Arti­sanal LA and I can also share with you that I have drunk the future and it […]

I Nearly Met Mark Bittman

I want to like Del­ray Beach. I really, really do. There’s a main drag that’s pedestrian-friendly, there are a lot of non-chain restau­rants and peo­ple who live there con­stantly talk about how much they love it. But I don’t love it so much. The shop­ping area is ripe for inde­pen­dently owned, beachy sorts of stores, […]

Culture Club

I’ve never tried Pinkberry. Or Red Mango. Or the zil­lion other yogurt joints that seem to be required to put some com­bi­na­tion of a fruit and a color in their name. Most frozen yogurt, hon­estly, kind of grosses me out. It always just tastes…fake. Good old dairy-aisle yogurt, on the other hand, I love. I […]