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Ray and Charles Slept Here

OK, I promised you (and my hus­band) some ideas for the Trip We Take Before We Have the Baby (so much eas­ier to say than “baby­moon”) and hon­estly, I really don’t care. It doesn’t have to be elab­o­rate. I just want decent sur­round­ings and good food. A pool if pos­si­ble. The afore­men­tioned hus­band in relaxation […]

Genius Business Idea

From the “If I want it, oth­ers must too” files: a leisure pool. A pool club that doesn’t require laps or gog­gles. Not a coun­try club—I don’t want golf or ten­nis (or expen­sive dues). Just a place I can go and float in a pool. If—and this is a big if—I decided to do some­thing vaguely […]

Indulgence. I Has It.

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjWYbcbpiWA (Thanks to Design Cri­sis for bring­ing this genius to my atten­tion.) I just dropped my sis­ter off at LAX and I might need to do some sort of juice fast for the next week. Which is a real downer, since my birthday’s tomor­row and all. It was a whirl­wind week­end. We ate Lar­don and LudoTruck […]

LA Moments

Sign out­side Drift­wood in Sil­ver Lake I had my first I-live-in-LA celebrity sight­ing. Hur­ley from Lost. I didn’t even watch Lost. I want a celebrity sight­ing refund. At some point, we had to stop lis­ten­ing to the Good Food pod­cast because it just depressed us. (You try lis­ten­ing to the bounty of avail­able pro­duce when your […]