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Nine Months After Moving Out of Florida…

It was sug­gested that per­haps I change my domain. So, I’m now over at rebeccabraverman.com. If you read this site via RSS, it’s likely that the old feed will work, but at some point this domain will expire, and I will not be renew­ing it. (Take that, Florida!) Ques­tions, con­cerns, com­ments? Let me know and […]

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

I am about to drop some seri­ous Secret on your ass. A few months ago, I wrote a bit about Alexan­der Girard. So what. (Girard’s awe­some­ness, not news.) In the post, I men­tioned my excit­ing dis­cov­ery: Girard designed an apart­ment for Joyce Hall of Hall­mark. Pon­der­ing this mys­ti­cal place sort of hit my holy trin­ity: Girard design, […]

Today’s Goal

I told Ryan this morn­ing when he left that the only thing I was doing today was clean­ing the house. “Maybe,” I said, “when I’m done I’ll take myself to Clemen­tine for lunch.” Famous last words. It’s 2:18 as I type this and the list of today’s accom­plish­ments is pretty lean. I changed the laun­dry a few […]

Moblogging FOILED

I tried to post this last night from Tre and it didn’t go up. Any­way: Not to get all free­gan or any­thing, but I am feel­ing a lit­tle more waste-weary than usual. That’s part of the rea­son I’ve decided to wear my mom’s wed­ding dress. Why con­tribute to the myth that you can only be […]

I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself

We haven’t been so into the show-going lately, mostly because all musi­cal dis­cus­sions end on a “Why can’t Yo La Tengo play our wed­ding?” note, but also because I have a com­fort level these days. If I have to be some­where early the next day and the show’s in Lawrence, I’m not going. Unless it’s […]

Will Harry Recover From This Trauma?

Kiss Harry, he’s not Irish

Society for the Preservation of Crazy Architecture

The tem­ple we attended when I was grow­ing up had a really fan­tas­tic crazy-modern vibe; I keep mean­ing to drive Ryan by some Sat­ur­day when we’re out run­ning errands and I always for­get about it. Today I was in hot pur­suit of a place to read another chap­ter in my psy­chol­ogy book (they are getting […]

A Web Site Someone Needs to Invent for Me

I am, to put it mildly, a picky bitch. So, once upon a time, I worked in the home depart­ment of a bridal mag­a­zine. This instilled in me a deep love and appre­ci­a­tion for china and fine crys­tal. As I was 21 at the time, I did not do much with this knowl­edge except think, “Some […]

In Which the Content of this Blog Abruptly Changes

So we’re engaged! I have had my taste of wed­ding plan­ning for, let’s see, about a week now, and I have been through the seven stages of grief already. None of it had any­thing to do with Ryan (thank God) or my fam­ily (hur­rah) or even his fam­ily (whew) but still, my crazy is bubbling […]

Dear Shins: Throw Me a Bone

Who didn’t buy tick­ets the day they went on sale for the pair of Shins’ shows tonight and tomor­row? Who thought to her­self, “Two shows? That’s crazy!”? Who tried to buy tick­ets online a few weeks ago, found both shows sold out, fig­ured she could buy tick­ets on craigslist and then real­ized she was being […]