We haven’t been so into the show-going lately, mostly because all musi­cal dis­cus­sions end on a “Why can’t Yo La Tengo play our wed­ding?” note, but also because I have a com­fort level these days. If I have to be some­where early the next day and the show’s in Lawrence, I’m not going. Unless it’s some­one I really really like. And then I’ll still need some con­vinc­ing to get my ass out the door. Because I am an old and crotch­ety lady.

But I digress.

Any­way, I saw this old post on John Sell­ers’ blog (has any­one read his book? Should I? I think I would like it based on title alone, but I am an easy mark that way) and found myself nod­ding along. I would prob­a­bly change the reorder­ing a bit, and–sorry rockers–I am not a huge GBVer, but any and all reunions of Unrest, Galaxie 500, Pavement…wait, can I put dead peo­ple on this list? Well, I have a few things I’d pay some absurd sums for. But not super-absurd. I mean, I’ve got a dog to feed.

Hey, if you’re read­ing this and you know a sweet-ass band in the Kansas City area, please tell me.