I am about to drop some seri­ous Secret on your ass.

A few months ago, I wrote a bit about Alexan­der Girard. So what. (Girard’s awe­some­ness, not news.) In the post, I men­tioned my excit­ing dis­cov­ery: Girard designed an apart­ment for Joyce Hall of Hall­mark. Pon­der­ing this mys­ti­cal place sort of hit my holy trin­ity: Girard design, Kansas City, warm fuzzy feel­ings for Hall­mark. But alas, I could not turn up a photo.

In the com­ments, Sarah from máX­imo said that she did in fact have a pho­tos of the apart­ment. She sent them. I freaked out. And then, not unsur­pris­ingly, the exis­tence of these pho­tos van­ished from my mind.

So, like a junkie with a secret stash, I have been keep­ing these to myself. But that ends now. Sadly, these aren’t color. But feel free to men­tally paint these in some Girard-approved hues. In my head, there is def­i­nitely some magenta up in this joint…

Pretty sure this is a detail shot of the above curio wall:

And here’s an infor­mal liv­ing room (I think). Dig the records and the banjo on the floor.

What else have I been not shar­ing? Tons. Con­sider this a taste and I promise more goodness—maybe even a lit­tle less sporadically—next week.

(All pho­tos cour­tesy of the ever-generous máX­imo. Seri­ously, I can’t believe I get to see these—and then share them.)