The chic charm­ers over at Mat­ters of Style recently wrote about their post­card col­lec­tions. Always look­ing for a way to nod to our loca­tion with­out resort­ing to faux-antique beach signs, I started search­ing Ye Olde Ebay for “Palm Beach.”

What I found was not exactly what I was expect­ing. A few Palm Beach post­cards, yes:

But also a whole lot of this:

Who’s that girl, you ask? Oh, just Palm Beach Caf­tan Bar­bie (offi­cial name: Palm Beach Breeze Bar­bie). She has a few friends, like Palm Beach Coral Bar­bie, who looks like she stepped out of a Slim Aarons photo, no?

Wait, what? I thought Lilly Pulitzer Bar­bie cov­ered this already:

Don’t worry, I have answers. (Note to self: exten­sive search­ing of the terms “Palm Beach” and “Bar­bie” is an inter­est­ing way to spend a morn­ing.) Mat­tel makes lim­ited edi­tion Bar­bies for col­lec­tors, many of which can be seen here. These are not dolls one sub­jects to hair­cuts (a most unfor­tu­nate fate that most of my Bar­bies suf­fered) or even prob­a­bly to remov­ing from the box.

Which is a real shame, because think of the sce­nar­ios one could come up with for this guy:

That’s Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken. Based on my PB expe­ri­ences, I’d say he needs to be about twice the age, and his accom­pa­ny­ing Bar­bie about 23. Also, Mat­tel, where’s the Bentley?