We are fac­ing sev­eral weeks of house­guests start­ing, um, now, which sparked a small major binge-purge cycle in our house. Once I start scratch­ing the Craig itch, I can­not stop. Which is great news for you if you are try­ing to unload Heywood-Wakefield fur­ni­ture in the LA metro.

While on this mag­i­cal mys­tery tour of acquir­ing and dequir­ing (that’s a word, right?), we found my new favorite store. Hotel Sur­plus is where hotels send their fur­ni­ture when they redec­o­rate or close, and if there’s any­thing that gets me high (strictly nat­u­rally, of course), it is a ware­house stuffed to the gills. Do I have pho­tographs of this won­der of the world? Of course not, that would require that I had con­cen­trated on some­thing else besides piles of weird pho­tographs with KWID stick­ers on the back. Two pieces from the Kelly-designed Mai­son 140 made their way into our wee house and I owe you pho­to­graphic proof.

But first, I must get my sis­ter from the airport.