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Here Comes the Sun

My Sweet Lord This bright­ens my day: footage of George Har­ri­son (the Best Bea­tle, hands down) per­form­ing at the con­cert for Bangladesh in 1971. Love, love, love. YouTube, you are the champion.

Gum Surgery is Frigging Gross

Must. Get. Every­thing. Paid. For. By. Insur­ance. Hence, what bet­ter time to have a pro­ce­dure where some­one else’s gums are grafted onto mine, since appar­ently I have the gums of an elderly per­son? You know how it’s annoy­ing when the den­tist is all, “So, been on any vaca­tions lately?” and you’re like, “Um, your hands […]

Ryans and Tigers and Magicians,Oh My! This pretty much sums up our Thanks­giv­ing. The weather was amaz­ing and Las Vegas has won me over for a few rea­sons. Firstly, I knew there was shop­ping, but I did not know there was shop­ping. Until 11pm. Even on Thanks­giv­ing. This is a town where two Chanel stores […]

What the Chuck?

Am I the only one who feels like Char­lie Rose is a dum­b­ass when he talks about/to artists? We had last week’s episodes saved up, includ­ing one with Lucian Freud’s dealer and an old friend (John…Richardson? the art his­to­rian who’s writ­ing the multi-volume Picasso bio?) and seri­ously, Char­lie was ask­ing these TOTALLY inane ques­tions. At […]

QotD: Heartbreaker

What’s your favorite heart­break song?Sub­mit­ted by esta86. I could answer a ques­tion like this all day and then some. “Mallo Cup” by the Lemon­heads: Here I am out­side your house at 3 am/Trying to think you out of bed “Grudge Fuck” by the Scud Moun­tain Boys (yes, there is also a Per­nice Broth­ers ver­sion of this song, […]

QotD: Top 5 Video Games

What’s on your Top 5 video games list? Sub­mit­ted by mileena. Ha ha ha ha ha… Like I have that sort of hand-eye coör­di­na­tion! I don’t think I’ve played an actual video game since I had Colecovision.

QotD: Current Mood Music

What song best describes your cur­rent mood?Sub­mit­ted by Section31. “This is a Shitty Day and I hate every­one.” Oh wait, that’s not a song. OK. How about “Every deci­sion I make is a bad one.” Hm, also not a song. I think this is lead­ing me towards some­thing totally unre­lated to the QotD–there’s are songs out there, […]

QotD: Total Transformation

What’s the most dras­tic change you’ve ever made to your appear­ance? Sub­mit­ted by Lau­rie. In 2003, I paid an ungodly sum for fancy Japan­ese straight­en­ing to my nat­u­rally curly/wavy hair. I loved it, and it def­i­nitely made me look less “me” than any­thing else I’ve done to my hair, even though I’ve done var­i­ous extreme […]

Air Pocket Polka Dots

After promis­ing myself (and the dog) that we would get our deserved 30 min­utes of exer­cise, I came home last night, changed into the appro­pri­ate clothes and got out­side. The weather’s been unsea­son­ably warm. I know, I know. Global warm­ing, we’re all gonna burn, but it was dark and still 75 or so. As we […]