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Field Trip: Stiltsville

Some­times I think Old Florida is a bit more appeal­ing than Cur­rent Florida. Case in point: Stiltsville. This com­mu­nity of houses on stilts in Bis­cayne Bay—and they are, quite lit­er­ally, in the bay—has shrunk (thanks, hur­ri­canes) down to seven struc­tures acces­si­ble only by boat. Here’s my favorite: (Some­times I for­get how pretty Florida can be.) […]

Guys and Dolls

The chic charm­ers over at Mat­ters of Style recently wrote about their post­card col­lec­tions. Always look­ing for a way to nod to our loca­tion with­out resort­ing to faux-antique beach signs, I started search­ing Ye Olde Ebay for “Palm Beach.” What I found was not exactly what I was expect­ing. A few Palm Beach post­cards, yes: But […]

No Complaints

Some­times I have to take a moment and remind myself how lucky we are to live mere min­utes from this:

Boca Car Report, Part I

This occurred to me in the park­ing lot of my (much-loved) YMCA: remem­ber a mil­lion years ago how you would some­times see non-convertible cars with cloth tops? Young­sters, I’m talk­ing about these: Sweet, right? Frankly, I’d kind of for­got­ten they existed at some point. I seem to remem­ber them as part of “spe­cial edi­tion” pack­ages, those cars […]

Celine, We Need to Talk

I caved at Pub­lix and bought the newest Peo­ple mag­a­zine a few days ago. It’s the one with Celine Dion dis­cussing her fer­til­ity strug­gles and going through IVF. Her hus­band tells Peo­ple that they’re “not really” con­sid­er­ing adop­tion. With­out get­ting into a dis­cus­sion about her age (41), her husband’s age (68) or fer­til­ity angst, let’s […]

But(t) Seriously

Just when I find myself using Yelp to choose any­thing and every­thing, I stum­ble across a review of Miami Girls [sic] Butts and I ques­tion its usefulness.

How to Feel Out of Place in Florida

You are not a senior cit­i­zen. You are not a Euro­pean model. You do not drive a Lexus. You do not tan (though you do like the beach). You look silly in Lilly Pulitzer clothing.