Some­times I think Old Florida is a bit more appeal­ing than Cur­rent Florida. Case in point: Stiltsville. This com­mu­nity of houses on stilts in Bis­cayne Bay—and they are, quite lit­er­ally, in the bay—has shrunk (thanks, hur­ri­canes) down to seven struc­tures acces­si­ble only by boat. Here’s my favorite:

(Some­times I for­get how pretty Florida can be.) Here’s another one:

The Cape Florida lighthouse—the old­est struc­ture in Dade County—is in the back­ground of this shot:

We took this trip back in Florida time with the His­tor­i­cal Museum of South­ern Florida, which offers a bunch of other cool-sounding tours, some on land, some by sea.

More on Stiltsville here and here; awe­some arti­cle (shown below) from 1941 issue of Life here: