I caved at Pub­lix and bought the newest Peo­ple mag­a­zine a few days ago. It’s the one with Celine Dion dis­cussing her fer­til­ity strug­gles and going through IVF. Her hus­band tells Peo­ple that they’re “not really” con­sid­er­ing adoption.

With­out get­ting into a dis­cus­sion about her age (41), her husband’s age (68) or fer­til­ity angst, let’s instead won­der why they’re “not really” con­sid­er­ing adop­tion. I sum­ma­rized this all for my hus­band (because that is the kind of good wife I am, keep­ing him up on celebrity gos­sip), and he came up with a good one. Mr. Celine Dion (oh fine, he has a name: René Angélil) needs a baby with some genetic ties to him so that he can remain alive.

Looks like a guy who would eat his bébé, right?

The good news is that, addi­tions to la famille or not, there is likely ample room in their 9,825-square-foot home in Jupiter Island which per­haps they will con­sider rent­ing to the Reluc­tant Floridians.

There are two pools. I’m sure they’ll let us have one.