There are a lot of things I miss about Kansas City, but a big one is def­i­nitely food. (Mr. TRF elu­ci­dates here.)

I miss KC’s empha­sis on locally sourced ingre­di­ents, and the abil­ity to buy local milk and eggs at almost every gro­cery store. For the amount of food that can be grown in Florida, it’s hard to find these items with­out a lit­tle dig­ging. (Actu­ally, I’m still search­ing for local eggs and/or milk. Despite rumors that they exist, I haven’t turned them up.)

Last year we joined a CSA and sud­denly, we were free from Whole Foods’ oft-uneven offer­ings, Publix’s weird shrink-wrapped pro­duce and the dis­ap­point­ment that is the local green­mar­ket scene (I’m look­ing at you, Del­ray Beach). Behold our food deliv­ery one day from last year:

Last week­end, we bun­dled up (it was around 60 and windy, we’ve gone soft) to tour our farm. Walk­ing up and down rows of assorted greens, herbs and toma­toes, I found myself squeal­ing in recog­ni­tion as if spot­ting a long-forgotten celeb. “I know those beets!”

I guess you can take the girl out of farm coun­try, but you can’t take the farm coun­try out of the girl.