Like the rest of the décor-obsessed, Domino-missing world, I love me some Sara Ruf­fin Costello. So much so that I can say proudly—or per­haps, stalkerly—I have some of her pre-Domino styling work in my inspi­ra­tion files.

(Sara, if you’re read­ing this, I promise I am not writ­ing this while watch­ing your home with binoculars.)

Since Domino’s end, though, I haven’t seen much of Sara in mag­a­zines. Until today when I sat down with the June issue of Coastal Liv­ing, a mag­a­zine I never had much use for when land­locked, but now that I’m coastal, well, I kind of like it. Oddly, CL’s tagline is “For peo­ple who love the coast.” Does any­one hate the coast? Isn’t lov­ing the coast sort of a no-brainer? I say that as a per­son who feels fairly con­flicted about most every­thing where I reside—except the coast.

Any­way, Coastal Living’s site doesn’t seem to have the piece, about Marysia Reeves’ South Car­olina home, up but a spread is on their Face­book page here, and below:

Lovely pho­tog­ra­phy by (of course) her hus­band, Paul Costello. More biki­nis and less house than I’d like, but I’m prud­ish that way.

(Sara, please start a blog or some­thing so I don’t have to scav­enge for your work. In return, I’ll stop read­ing GOOP.)