I had big plans of blog­ging from the road, snap­ping trip pho­tos and writ­ing lengthy reviews of every­thing we’ve seen and eaten. How­ever, both of our phones started dying what “True Blood” would call the True Death, and ser­vice has been spotty through­out the South and South­west, and despite the cozy bed for Harry in the back, he’s spent most of his time on my lap or scal­ing a pile of suitcases.

Harry the bichon on a pile of suitcases

So, we ate our last Miami meal at Michy’s on Wednes­day night. It was great, and we left full and happy, but I feel like Michelle Bern­stein needs to change her menu a lit­tle more often. That might be an unfair crit­i­cism, espe­cially since I’ve eaten at both Sra. Mar­tinez and Michelle Bernstein’s in the past month, and there’s a bit of over­lap in the three menus, but I won­der if she’s spread a lit­tle thin these days.

Thurs­day the movers came and we had Cheese Course sand­wiches before dri­ving off into the sun­set after­noon sun.

We stopped in Ocala at Harry’s. The restau­rant sits on Ocala’s town square, where there was a vigil for two Great Danes who had been killed. Harry enjoyed meet­ing many local dogs, though he was very sad about the cir­cum­stances. We made it just out­side of Tal­la­has­see Thurs­day night.