I made this split pea and parsnip soup last night that was so vile-looking. Luck­ily, Ryan thought the same thing I did and when I said, “You know what this reminds me of?” he said, “The sludge in Bet­ter Off Dead?”

I thought for sure that had to be on YouTube but no dice. YouTu­bers with a copy of the movie, bring the sludge to the people!

You know who is on the ‘Tube, though? Our new friend Gilad. I am a woman with­out a gym mem­ber­ship, in a land of snow and ice and lazi­ness, yet I have dis­cov­ered the world of tele­vised fit­ness shows and…I am a con­vert. I know it sounds ter­ri­bly dorky, but I totally got my Denise Austin on yes­ter­day and then Ryan came home for some Gilad action and I don’t know if we stuck it out because we enjoyed the work­out or because we liked how we bossed us around. He says “NICE” in his tough-stuff voice a lot, yet he remains very sup­port­ive. I think we’re in love.