Some­times you need to feel good. Let me help:

  • I love being reminded that peo­ple are kind. Friends and strangers donated funds so that Val­o­rie and Alberto (our fan­tas­tic New Orleans hosts) could mede­vac out of Canada after Alberto had a heart attack in the Cal­gary air­port. They are safe and sound in New Orleans again, but owe our neigh­bors to the North a lit­tle (OK, a lot) of money. There’s an auc­tion to help out here with a lot of good­ies. Please browse and find some­thing you can’t live with­out so that this kind cou­ple can focus on Alberto’s health and recovery.
  • I love being inspired. My friend Dawn was diag­nosed with MS in 2002. She ran the New York City Marathon yes­ter­day and raised almost $8,000 for the MS Soci­ety. My best friend’s mother fought a long bat­tle with MS and I wish she could’ve seen Dawn’s smile as she ran through Brook­lyn. (OK, I wish I could’ve too, but thanks to Face­book I got a photo.)
  • I love see­ing a project com­pleted. I remem­ber when Gail—my across-the-street neigh­bor, tastemaker and friend—bought a video cam­era with the idea of mak­ing a doc­u­men­tary about the Mag­netic Fields. Sev­eral years later, the film has been play­ing in fes­ti­vals and the­aters around the coun­try. It opened in LA on Fri­day night. I was thrilled to be in the audience.
  • I love laugh­ing. I saw this sign while run­ning errands today and couldn’t stop crack­ing up.

Sign that reads, "No drugs, no money. We are NOT a medical marijuana dispensary."