Pretty sure it’s some­thing like this:

Eames chair shells and bases

That’s the Mod­er­nica ware­house sale. Which starts tomor­row. But I am spe­cial and got to go last night. (Spe­cial means that I am on their mail­ing list.) At first I was unim­pressed with the chair selec­tion but then I noticed this cor­ner, where you pick out your shell and base, and a team of dudes assem­bles them on the spot. That’s like the Build-a-Bear work­shop, but awesome.

Photo of Eames chair shells

More than a few U-Haul trucks—and food trucks (says my sis­ter, “Who doesn’t have food trucks?”)—were in the park­ing lot, and I enjoyed pon­der­ing what I’d buy to fill a U-Haul of my own. Did any­thing come home with us? No. Prices are good but they are not giv­ing any­thing away. Our pur­chase of the night: some salted caramel ice cream from Lake Street Cream­ery. Deli­cious, but doesn’t solve our chair dilemma.