Spoiler alert: My pants won.

A few weeks ago, I looked in the mir­ror and thought, “Hey, I look sort of preg­nant.” It’s a good thing, too, because I’ve been going to pre­na­tal yoga classes and feel­ing like an impos­tor. At least until we get to the part of class where we tell every­one how far along we are. While my mom was in town, she sug­gested tak­ing a look at mater­nity clothes. I bought some pants, said to every­one who would lis­ten, “These are crazy com­fort­able,” and then con­tin­ued wear­ing the non-maternity jeans.

Last night, we were going out to din­ner, and I chose the non-maternity option. They still but­ton, they’re stretchy, I’m totally fine! Until I real­ized I might be a lit­tle more com­fort­able with unbut­ton­ing the top but­ton. OK, so I rigged up some­thing with a hair elas­tic, sat down at the restau­rant, and hey, guess what? My stom­ach feels a lit­tle strange. Maybe because I’ve crammed myself into a pair of pants that will not put up with this tomfoolery.

Today we are back in the mater­nity pants. You win, stretchy waistband.

OK, moms out there: what else is it time for?

Speak­ing of moms out there, I met my inter­net friend Tor­rie (and her very sweet sister-in-law) last week. She posted about it here and hello, I want to hang out with me based on her descrip­tion. I did not pay her to say any of that. Not only was she a delight, but she even gave me a part­ing gift: a few mac­arons and some fancy gummi bears since she knows they are my Offi­cial Preg­nancy Candy™. Speak­ing of which, it’s candy o’clock at my house.