This marks my third spring in warmer climes. Weird. Even now that I wear the same clothes essen­tially year-round, I some­how feel the sea­sons change. There are no win­ter coats to put away, yet I want to clean out my clos­ets, rearrange every drawer in the house and buy some­thing new.

(Before you say, “Duh. You’re nest­ing,” I do feel this way quar­terly. Though in Sep­tem­ber, I always have a burn­ing desire for notebooks.)

Due in part to local inspi­ra­tions like the ladies of Closet Visit, I’ve slowly been attempt­ing to up my style game in LA. But mater­nity jeans—and don’t get me wrong, they are awesome—are throw­ing a wrench in the plan.

Which brings us to acces­sories. Instead of invest­ing in a wardrobe with an expi­ra­tion date of mid-August, I’m think­ing about buy­ing as lit­tle mater­nity cloth­ing as pos­si­ble, and spend­ing money on items where size isn’t an issue.

Clock­wise from top left: I’ve wanted this Clare Vivier bag for ages (though not in red). It could be a pretty cute dia­per bag, too. I can­not bring myself to spend $350 on the pair of sun­glasses I adore, but I crave new ones. Maybe some clas­sic Ray-Bans? I had these Kork-Ease wedges in light blue suede and even­tu­ally destroyed them (stu­pid suede!), so I promise to be more care­ful with a new pair. I saw this cuff at Rene­gade last Decem­ber and for some rea­son didn’t buy it. Now it haunts me. (It doesn’t, but I like how it looks like a preppy rope bracelet on steroids.)

What do you want for spring?