How did I miss this? One of my favorite songs of late, done by the ridicu­lous PS 22 Cho­rus. You have no soul if this doesn’t make you even a lit­tle verklempt. (Or maybe it’s just that you don’t have preg­nancy hor­mones cours­ing through your sys­tem. Whatever.)

Speak­ing of the hor­mones, am I the only preg­nant woman who is, for lack of a bet­ter expres­sion, un-nesting? As in, the room baby will soon call his own has two bikes, a queen bed and a pile of mom’s craft crap? Oh, and a closet cur­rently occu­pied by neces­si­ties like someone’s Space Ghost cos­tume and some­one else’s black-tie wed­ding dress? (Both last worn in 2009, if we’re being per­fectly honest.)

Let’s blame June Gloom.

We only have another week to blame the weather, though, and weather shouldn’t really pre­vent any­one from, um, buy­ing stuff and paint­ing walls, right? OK, to be fair, I’ve been a lit­tle thrown lately by some gross preg­nancy stuff (I’m skip­ping details in case you’re read­ing this while eat­ing) and travel (New York and Kansas City). But…baby’s due date is fast approach­ing and I need to get into action. Or at least to Ikea.

(June Gloom by the awe­some Rox­anne Daner.)